TEDxBellingham: “Here By Choice.”

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Do you want to see TEDx Bellingham continue? I do, too.

As the original organizer, my life has taken a turn, requiring all of my time and dedication for a new endeavor. This is exciting but bittersweet, since my vision was to fill the Mount Baker Theater and make TEDx Bellingham a connection point for life-changing conversations.

I'm happy to be a mentor, advisor and coach; I just can't be the driving force. If this moves you, PM me and let's chat.

Thank you, Bellingham, and our wonderful speakers, core team and sponsors, for making the original TEDx Bellingham, one of the best experiences of my life!

David Wiggs, Organizer

With: Rhonda Gothberg, Paul Akers, Galen Emanuele, Heather McKendry, Colleen Haggerty, Scott Sonnon, @robyn peters-bennett, Mark King, @phyllis schacter, Daniel Kirkpatrick, The Gallus Brothers, Dustin Morrow, Celeste Mergens, Swil Kanim Richard Marshall, Naseem Rakha, Sandi Doughton,@tommalterre, Jasmine Wilhelm

2 years ago  ·  

In this month's Wired magazine. Pretty funny. ...

2 years ago  ·